Who AM I ?

Who Am I ?

I am Jayanta Ghosh, Entrepreneur, a lifelong patron of Academia and a fellow Passenger on the fascinating journey called ‘Life’.

I love to help people become better in their personal and professional lives. For the last 20 plus years, I have been associated with one of India’s leading Oil Marketing Company – Indian Oil, as a business partner. Over two decades, I have been committed to customer satisfaction and have sincerely worked hand in hand with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. with a vision is to expand the business to suit the modern-day requirements of customers.

My journey so far

I am indebted to IIM- Calcutta for sharpening my management skill sets with my Senior Management Program and S.P. Jain school of Global  Management, Sydney, Australia for my DBA (Doctor of Business administration) which was under applied business research.

My Story

Nothing succeeds like success. We have all heard about this age old proverb perhaps at very early stage inof our lives, when we did not even understand what success meant or to be more precise signified.

Most of us have a preconceived notion about success- high degrees with highest possible grades from best of universities,a good position in government sevices,secure posts in private sectors, booming business, celebrated personalities in various arenas of society. In short money, power, authority, secure future for self and family.
Can success be perceived as that simplistic? No. Success, like happiness is a relative term. Each one of us have our own definition and interpretation of this one single word.

Perplexing? Yes ,it sure is. Because it is impossible to retain success for eternity unless we search deep within our souls,very objectively analyse both our potentials and limitations. It is only when we delve deep we realise two basic aspects of success. Firstly, success, in its true sense really has no connection with materialistic achievement. Secondly, success can be very transient. It is very difficult to remain successful  throughout one’s lifetime unless there is persistence and consistency along with the capability to evolve with changing times and situations.

Everyone is in pursuit to achieve his or her share of success. For a businessman it may be to become a conglomerate, a job holder may think of securing the highest rank in the company, a homemaker may define success as managing her home and raising up her children in the best way possible,a person in the field of art, music and literature may think of success as an extention of their creative spirits and so on and so forth.

The  true essence of success lies in the undaunted and indomitable human spirit,in a human’s attempt to overcome hurdles on the path ,to give his or absolute best even in the most trying times .One can not be a winner at every phase of life. Something will always remain a distant goal. Victory is always celebrated . There is nothing surprising about it. But what leaves everyone agape with awe and wonder is when the defeated person is showered with accolades and there is a deafening applause from  the winner ,rivals and people for the valiant fight despite all odds. when even in defeat a person stands glorified with head held high that,my friends, is success.
True success transcends the worldly wise parameters . Living one moment in time and giving our ultimate best each time,every time is success as,it is meant to be.If the journey is well made success follows suit,in the most gratifying manner.

Feedback & Reviews

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Jonathan Alvarez

Financial Manager at Acme

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Russell Kennedy

Assistant Buyer at Globex

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Janice Griffin

Copywriter at Dynamic

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(Constant + Variables) + Response = Growth

In order to strike a balance between the present and the future, we must live in the present moment to find happiness now – which in turn will provide happiness in the future. People do not plan to fail but do fail to plan. If we live today with full commitment our future will be better.