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Life is never without its challenges – an example of which is the
present crisis the world is going through now.

In my own humble way- I have devised some methods to improve the
quality of our daily lives, to discover positivity in the most adverse
of situations and find inner peace and tranquility.

My experience with spirituality has shown me how by glancing inwards,
we can change our perspective, our world view and the way we view
relationships with those around us. Transformation is quintessentially
an Inward Journey.



• Moving away from Mainstream Life
• Seeking self-actualization
• Not focused on earning but self-development
• Wanting to be a force of good in the world
• Seeking inner peace and contentment
• Not just live only for my family and friends but also for the greater world
• Emphasis on Personal Development
• Public service initiatives
• Truly can help others when I am Happy


A healthy human being has healthy origins, the deeper the origins, the stronger the origins – the stronger that person becomes. Spirituality connects us to our Origins. Our achievements and success are seen by others. It is visible to everyone, but our inner selves are not visible to others. The key to transformation lies in our inner development and spiritual development.


Strengthening the origins happens by our connections with the people around us. Each one of us must learn how to contribute and help others, giving and returning back to the society.
If you don’t have resources you can not help others, if you do not have hope, you can not give hope to others. I believe that we should put our own interests aside


(Constant + Variables) + Response = Growth

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In order to strike a balance between the present and the future, we must live in the present moment to find happiness now – which in turn will provide happiness in the future.
People do not plan to fail but do fail to plan.
If we live today with full commitment our future will be better.

Happy to share and this is indeed a huge and special moment for me to see my TEDx speech on the prestigious official page of TEDx.
It was my dream that, one day I will speak on TEDx platform with my new fundamentals which I have demonstrated in my speech with the congruence of stories of my life, the role of my mother in my upbringing and my doctoral research journey.

"We have only One Life, So we should best utilize it."